Next-Generation Medical Imaging Platform of Military Hospital in Korea…

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Taeyoung Soft, a company specializing in Picture Archiving and Communication system announced that it has completed the establishment of an image-sharing system between military hospitals under the Armed Forces Medical Command and the migration of its ZeTTA PACS to the divisional medical corps. In particularthis project was evaluated as a successful implementation of the military hospital`s long-cherished project.


This project was a project to expand and distribute the results of pre-established imaging AI solutions in military hospitals to divisional medical corps through automatic up/download of PACS images. In parallel, Taeyoung Soft successfully migrated and converted from a mixture of old foreign and domestic products, into a single ZeTTA PACS. It has been evaluated as having achieved outstanding performance that other competitors have not.


Taeyoungsoft's CEO Na Seoung-ho said, "Taeyoungsoft's ZeTTA PACS has become the best picture archiving and communication system (PACS) preferred by public and large hospitalsBased on this, we plan to expand to small and medium-sized hospitals, which we have not been able to focus on until now, and continue to develop products with next-generation image platforms optimized for AI and large data management, so please pay a lot of attention to us.”

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