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Sinchon Severance Hospital, the largest in Korea, has successfully established the next-generation medical imaging platform, ZeTTA PACS and started full-scale operation at Yonsei University Health System.

Until now, Severance Hospital has been suffering from continuous increases in operating costs and struggling to apply the latest technology to improve work efficiency due to old PACS products used for more than 20 years. In particular, this PACS replacement project was the first and largest project in Korea that focused the attention of all medical institutions and industries, with the key to migrating 1.9 PB medical image data accumulated through foreign PACS for more than 20 years to domestic PACS as standardized and usable data.

Through the successful operation of ZeTTA PACS, various goals of Yonsei Medical Center can be realized, such as increasing work efficiency through user-centered function improvement, supporting diagnostic accuracy and rapid decision-making through the application and connection of the latest technologies such as AI and PHR, providing a researcher-centered environment through automated anonymized data extraction and de-identification processing, and establishing an image information transferring system and cooperation system based on the latest infrastructure between affiliated hospitals.  

Yonsei Medical Center strengthened the compatibility, scalability, and work efficiency of medical images through the establishment of a user-centered next-generation PACS platform, secured high-quality data from diagnosis to treatment, and accelerated the realization of data-based precision medical care. In addition, it has established the highest level of medical imaging cooperation infrastructure in Korea, connecting Sinchon, Gangnam, Yongin and Songdo in the future. 

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